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International & European Certifications

European certification

CabelNet Certificate

JLBdata holds one of the first design certifications in the new field of data centers.
After a first approach to the new problematic in the US, JLBdata received a certification process in England, the only European country in 2006 to propose a certification in the design of data centers.
Added to the American RCDD certification, this certification places JLBdata in the top of the data center expertise.
This training leads, after examination, a certification of competence, to discover the level of interdependence of different systems constituting a data center: A cooling system, IPv6 transmission, electric distribution and a technical floor have no similarities and yet must live together without creating each performance degradation, while respecting the level of availability of the specifications and the expected level of energy efficiency.


International certification



The highest international certification for data center infrastructure RCDD, Registered Communications Distribution Designer, issued by the BICSI, Building Industry Consulting Service International allows JLBdata to act both in Europe and in the United States, the Middle East and Africa in the data center field.
This certification is issued by the largest international trade association in this field, which groups 23,000 members in the field of the industry, consulting, installation and standards committees.
Professionalism and Ethics forms the basis of conviction of members of this association.
Access to RCDD certification is obtained by examination. An every 3 years skill update is mandatory to keep the RCDD certification.


Energy efficiency certificaton


Redwood LogoRedwood, came to Europe in 2014, is a hardware and software solution for managing energy in a data center and a building with a saving at least 70% on lighting, precise management of air conditioning, heating and ventilation through a BacNet IP interface in a real estate space optimization, increased occupant safety and enhanced surveillance of computer rooms. Four training courses and successive examinations brought the Redwood certification to JLBdata. An every 4 years skill update is mandatory to keep the Redwood certification.


Administration system certification


imVision Logo

The imVision system is the only intelligent IT cabling system system which can use standard copper or fiber patch cords from any manufacturer.
This system manage remotely  any IT cabling system, detect intrusion and any unscheduled connection, interface OSI Layer 3 and OSI layer 1.
The intelligence, which occupies one U of vertical space of cabinet, can be added to the patch panels without stopping the exploitation.
The web interface allows any workstation to become administrator.
The whole system is based on a standard Windows platform and SQL database.
An every 1 years skill update is mandatory to keep the imVision certification.


Measurement system certification 

Fluke is a must for any hardware manufacturer certification in the field of IT infrastructure.
This certification guarantees the skill for any audit or any new computer cabling design required for high-speed applications up to 100Gbps Ethernet networks, the 16Gbps Fiber Channel, Infiniband and other short or long distances network applications.
Knowledge of the testing device itself is insufficient. The Fluke certification also verifies and specify the test procedures inherent in each situation, to highlight the utility to comply with a standard or another standard that will be specified in the tender published by special technical clauses JLBdata.


IT Cabling system certification 

Master Class Systimax

This Commscope certification guarantees a high level of skills on Telecommunications copper cables and optical fibers, whether intended for the realization of local intra-building or campus networks and long distance networks.
Due to the rapid evolution of telecommunication systems, this certification is obtained on examination to be renewed every two years.
The renewal rate ensures JLBdata to achieve and maintain the level of necessary knowledge, both technological and normative.


Hardened network certification


Logo BeldenBelden is the hardened network specialist, which may be necessary in some or all areas of a data center, to meet the constraints of the environment where the climate remains an important component. More over, the hardening of IT significantly contributes to energy efficiency.


Code of conduct endorser

JLBdata is supporting the European Code of Conduct on Data Centre Energy Efficiency of the European commission to renewable energy EUROPEAN COMMISSION DIRECTORATE-GENERAL JRC JOIN RESEARCH CENTRE Institute for Energy RENEWABLE ENERGIES UNIT